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CorActive delivers a full range of high attenuation optical fibers to address the optical attenuation requirements for DWDM, CATV and other telecom applications. CorActive’s attenuating fiber products have been specifically designed to provide flat attenuation over the widest possible wavelength range. Wideband uniform attenuation ensures complete compatibility with current and future DWDM, CATV and other telecom systems.  The HAF series also feature the cladding mode suppression technology to reduce modal interference problems in some applications.

  • ATN-FB

    Attenuation Range = 0.4dB/cm – 15dB/cm


    Attenuation Range = 0.5dB/m – 40dB/m


    Attenuation Range = 0.5dB/m – 40dB/m


    Attenuation Range = 0.5dB/cm – 10dB/cm


    Attenuation Range = 0.5dB/m – 40dB/m