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Proc. SPIE, Photonics West, LASE, Fiber Lasers XIV: Technology and Systems, (2017)

Realization and optimization of a 1 ns pulsewidth multi-stage 250 kW peak power monolithic Yb doped fiber amplifier at 1064 nm

Optics Letters / Vol 41, No. 20 / October 15, 2016

Compact 3–8  μm supercontinuum generation in a low-loss As2Se3 step-index fiber

Optics Letters / Vol 39, No. 13 / July 1, 2014

264W output power at 1585nm in ErYb codoped fiber laser using in-band pumping

DSS 2014

Recent improvements on mid-IR chalcogenide optical fibers

OSA 2013

High Peak Power Single-mode Amplification Using Highly Doped Double Cladding Ytterbium Phosphosilicate Fiber

CLEO 2012

Highly Efficient In-Band Cladding-Pumped 1593 nm All-Fiber Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser

OSA 2010

Broadband amplification of high power 40 Gb/s channels using multimode Er-Yb doped fiber

CLEO 2010

Spectrally Wide and High-Power Er-Yb fiber Amplifier for 40 Gb/s Telecommunications Applications

Photonics West 2009

Simple Design for Singlemode High Power CW Fiber Laser using Multimode High NA Fiber
Enhanced Pulseshaping Capabilities and Reduction of Non-Linear Effects in All-fiber MOPA Pulsed System

Photonics North 2009

Linewidth of high-power fiber lasers

SPIE 2009

Thermal Effects in High Power CW Fiber Lasers

LEOS 2009

Spectrally Flat and High-Power Er-Yb Amplifier for Telecommunications Applications 

OSA 2009

Ytterbium fiber laser based on first-order fiber Bragg gratings written with 400nm femtosecond pulses and a phase-mask

Photonics West 2008

High-power pulsed amplifier with low pulse deformation, excellent beam quality and higher energy extraction using special designed ytterbium double cladding fibre having high and flat absorption with negligible photodarkening. 

Photonics West 2007

Low photodarkening single cladding ytterbium fibre amplifier

10W ASE-free single mode high power double cladding Er3+-Yb3+ amplifier 

ECOC 2006

Experimental Validation of Highly Doped Erbium-Doped Fiber for the design of a +20dBm, single pump and compact, WDM L-band EDFA

Photonics North 2006

Accurate Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Singlemode 4W Output Power Double Cladding Erbium Ytterbium Fibre Amplifier