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November 8th, 2006
CorActive Secures INO Specialty Optical Fiber Products

CorActive, an independent manufacturer of advanced specialty optical fiber products, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive worldwide partnership agreement with INO (National Optics Institute), a Canadian center of Optics and Photonics expertise. This move reiterates CorActive's focus on its core competency - optical fiber manufacturing. In this day of component suppliers diversifying into their customers' end product markets, CorActive has chosen to expand its optical fiber offerings to best support its current and future customers.

This agreement will see CorActive responsible for sales and marketing of all INO developed specialty optical fiber products. INO products include High Attenuation (HAF), UV Sensitive and Rare-earth/Germanium doped specialty fibers. Combined with CorActive's advanced mid-IR, Double Clad, Erbium doped, attenuating and UVS optical fiber products, this new portfolio ensures the broadest, most advanced line of fiber products to the benefit of all CorActive and INO customers. The consolidated sales volume enables CorActive to become the world leader on several specialty optical fiber markets.

CorActive and INO will leverage their pooled fiber development and manufacturing resources to further expand the diverse product portfolio to ensure the utmost fulfillment of customer needs. This agreement underlines CorActive's intent to focus on optical fiber manufacturing to grow its business and not to expand into its customers' end product markets.

About INO
A leading technology designer and developer, INO is the largest center for optics and photonics in Canada. The leader in its field internationally, INO has thus far completed 3,000 custom R&D contracts for SMEs and leading Canadian corporations and performed 28 technology transfers that have resulted in the creation of 20 new high-tech startups.

About CorActive
CorActive is a well financed independent developer and manufacturer of advanced Specialty Optical Fiber (SOF) products for OEM customers serving the industrial laser, defense, security, telecom, sensor, medical and aerospace industries. CorActive uniquely offers a full line of standard SOF products, including Double Clad, Erbium Doped, Infrared Transmission, Ultra Violet Sensitive and Attenuating Optical Fiber, plus custom fiber development services for specific applications. CorActive prides itself in providing technologically advanced specialty optical fiber products that uniquely enable its customers to offer superior products and services. With research & development and production facilities located in Quebec City, CorActive serves a worldwide customer base for standard and custom SOF products.