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Fiber Lasers

Fiber laser are mostly used for matererials processing applications like cutting&welding, marking, as well as micromachining of components in the automotive, manufacturing, heavy industries, and consumer electronics sectors. It is also extensively being used for medical applications and R&D.


CorActive fiber lasers were developed by a team of seasoned fiber laser specialists. CorActive has been involved in high power fiber lasers for more than 10 years. CorActive fiber lasers offer the best value for money on the market and feature long-term stability in a highly robust and reliable design.


High Power CW

CFLS fiber lasers are specifically designed for industrial materials processing applications such as metal cutting and welding, laser cladding, or additive manufacturing. The CFLS Series of fiber lasers feature CorActive's unique and truly photodarkening-free phosphosilicate gain fiber.


Pulsed ns MOPA

CFLP Series of MOPA pulsed fiber lasers outperforms conventional Q-switch fiber lasers and are ideal for applications in metal marking and engraving, fine cutting, drilling, layer removal, etc.