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Fiber Laser Modules

CorActive OEM fiber laser modules are designed and proven solution to help customers build their own fiber lasers. With the constant evolution and the increase of competition in the laser system market, systems manufacturers need to find solutions to improve their overall performances to maximize their production process and to increase their value to their customers. With the system core module (laser source component) being supplied by limited fabricators and being more and more standardized, it is then very difficult for a system manufacturer to have the flexibility control of their parameters and to differentiate itself from other competitors as the laser performances are very similar.


CorActive’s goal is to provide its know-how to help its customers lead their market by allowing them to customize their product to its full potential. By providing the core optical module, CorActive offers customers the flexibility of control in their design choices revolving around a solid fiber foundation.


CorActive fiber laser module solution is based on three optical building blocks: CLM-LE Fiber Laser Engine,  PCM2 Power Combiner Module and the laser beam delivery cable (BDC-QBH).  The CLM-LE is offered in 500W or 1000W output power and can be used in a 500W or 1000W standalone configuration or combined using CorActive PCM modules to deliver output power up to 6kW.