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CorActive works in an ever-changing industry where new challenges are constant and multiple. Offering a wide range of optical fibers products as well as fiber laser modules for high power lasers, CorActive is distinguished by its fibers for telecom and for pulsed lasers and its expertise in the multi-kilowatt laser. We cover the telecommunications market as well as the industrial material processing, the marking and the medical domains.

At CorActive, we rely on dynamism and innovation, while advocating a friendly work environment focused on the autonomy of employees. Led by passionate managers, our experienced and dedicated team (including several employees in position since the founding of the company) contribute greatly to the success of CorActive.

Here's what we have to offer:

  • ·      Flexibility in work schedules
  • ·      Work-family balance
  • ·      Comprehensive group insurance plan majorly paid by the employer
  • ·      Training for continuous development of skills
  • ·      Active Social club (Chrismas party, pool, bowling, sugar shack, etc.)
  • ·      Free parking

Come join our team!

Send us your application to ressources.humaines@coractive.com




The assembler's main responsibilities include the manipulations of the optical fiber including splicing and cleaving and the assembly of laser cables. Moreover, he will be responsible for testing the lasers as well as packaging them before expedition. He will also be responsible for maintenance of all the related equipment.

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The operator's main responsibilities include preparing the preform before drawing: polishing, soldering the handles and weigts to the preform, preparing the equipment and cooling the preform before introducing it into the protection tube. He will also be responsible for preventive maintenance of all the related equipment such as the measurements devices, the chiller and the drawing tower.

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The programmer's main responsibilities include the programming for the automation of the production benches of fiber lasers modules. He will also manage the improvement of tests bench and measurements of optical fibers and fiber lasers, and provide support to the production team.

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R&D Scientist

The R&D scientist's main responsibilities include development for optical fiber components such as new innovative concepts and equipment/installations. Moreover, he will participate in the development and testing of the process simulation and manufacturing processes related to the improvement and development of CorActive's products.

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* Please note that only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. CorActive is committed to Employment Equity. The above Jobilico links refers to the french version of the description of the position.